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he winter of the cou
« en: 13 de Julio de 2019, 09:10:04 am »
he winter of the countryman is very leisurely. There is not much to do. The things to do are done in other seasons, and only the laziness is left in winter. In the winter, if I have nothing to do, I don��t go out. The winter in Heilongjiang is too cold, dumb and cold, frozen and frozen, and the body of the person is numb and painful. The snow in the first few years was very big, and it fell quietly at night, and the door could not be opened the next morning. The snow accumulated for one night, one meter deep, and there was no stone wall in the yard. In the daytime, someone took a stick and went up the mountain, and went to pick up the rabbit. The sparrows couldn't eat, and they died of starvation. Many people found frozen finch in the snow nest. They took a basket at home and kept it for the New Year. Some people wore white coats, white hats, and wrapped their heads tightly. They only showed their eyes, raised their trousers and legs, and went to the village to catch half a catty (tree chicken). The man who went out of the carriage went to the middle of the road and didn't dare to sit down Newport Cigarettes. It was freezing and he got off and followed the car. Animals and people's nose and mouth are breathing white. Just coming down from the car, the human foot is wooden, like a thick-soled shoe in a double-singing opera. Along the way, people sit and run, sit and sit, so that they rushed to another snow-covered village dozens of miles away. In those years, two people were frozen in our place. One is outside the village, and the other is the old man in the village outside our village. When I was frozen to death, I followed several villagers and ran to see it. The man died in the southwestern part of the village, where there was a large poplar tree in addition to the farmland, and the man was kneeling on the sheep road next to the forest. He walked to our village, wearing a pair of cotton-padded shoes at the bottom of the floor, head to the wild boar, wearing a very old dog-skin hat and a layer of frost on his body. He is very serene, there is no sign of struggle, it seems to be asleep. It can be seen from his fallen position that he has been walking before he struggles. He must want to go back to his village. There may be a warm room and a bright light. The lamp was waiting for him, but he could never see it all. He fell on the road to warmth and light. The man in our village had been the captain of the production team earlier. He was nicknamed four-handed, and had the style of wearing a dog. He was able to have a meeting. He held the world in the rainy days of busy labor to open the meeting to the members. People can't open their eyes. Later, when he was alone, his nerves had problems. In the autumn, he took his pockets and went to the fields of other people to steal crops. He did not hide, and he was openly stolen under the eyes of others, turning a blind eye to the owner of the field. When one asked, he replied with a word, saying, "You don't accept it, I don't accept it?" His wife asked him once, and he ate at night. He said, "I eat your meat! I met on the village road." I have been to him once and walked slowly in front of me like a cow. He was shocked by my footsteps. He looked back and looked at me. "Do you not scream?" "I said, "Do you still know me? He said, "You are the one in front of me." He yelled at me. One winter night, this man lost his way outside the village and could not return to the village. He died in the north of the village. When he was discovered by the villagers, he was still kneeling like a dog. Teeth. People feel a burst of cold. When I was young, no matter the world, I always love to run out of the house to go crazy, no matter how cold it is, I can't stop the child's stubbornness. My cousin is good, I gave me a sorghum straw. In the rolling cage, I took it to the woods in the south of the village to roll a few crisp birds back in the winter. It was a very small bird, and the red top was as bright as a red oil. The voice is particularly pleasant. The cousin will roll a lot during the winter and the winter, and then eat it during the Spring Festival Newport 100S. At that time, there is a brazier at home. Every morning, the mother goes to the outhouse to cook, and the rice cooker is boiled. The charcoal fire that came out of the red hall was thrown out into the clay pot and brought to the raft to warm us. We sometimes buried the potatoes in the charcoal fire, and liked the paste and the hot potatoes in the charcoal fire. People are not used to drinking tea as much as southerners, but winter is an exception because drinking tea can Many people in the winter have a habit of heating and heating. The northerners don��t pay much attention to it. They only drink inferior black tea. Most of the time, they fry a basket of sunflower seeds while eating melon seeds and drinking tea. This is cold. The winter is a pleasure. The teapot at home changed a lot, first a thick white paint tank, then a heavy white porcelain pot, and then used a light and durable metal pot to use the white porcelain pot. It took a long time, until the handle of the pot was broken, and it was abandoned. The pot was bought in the pot pit five miles away. I didn��t know who bought the pot in the village, it was a high head, or Li Xiao��s eyes are good. My brother and I walked with the other two people to the bottom of the pot. The weather was very sunny Parliament Cigarettes, the sun was very full, but it was very cold Newport Cigarettes Coupons. The village was in the south. When we went, we met the sun and came back. The sun is basking all the way back. It is indeed a warm winter sun, and in the cold winter we actually feel a little warm. We are not in a hurry, all the way, playing all the way, laughing loudly. There are mountains, fields and forests on both sides of the road. All covered It shines in the sunshine. The West River is frozen, covered with snow, leaving only a trai
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